Saturday, September 25, 2010


Coming soon to a blog near you.

Every time we pass a bakery, the Frenchie wanders in and scans the counters wistfully for what he calls flan. You have to say it with a French accent. It seems known to precious few. We found it once at Ceci Cela on Spring, but it has been discontinued due to Lack of Interest. But the baker will custom make them. Not worth the price, I think, unless it is an existential emergency, given the humble ingredients: milk, corn starch (!), eggs, pastry.

So I made one last night, to reward some serious html help yesterday with the other blog's code. I used his flan recipe, derived from many sources on the net as well as his memory of perfect Parisian flan, and tweaked that one, too. Once I've sorted the tweaks, I'll post it. It's a comforting, homely thing. I'm not sure I approve, yet, having believed that the only custard is eggs and cream, no starch whatsoever, but I'm still thinking.

I might try a pure custard version, to show him, but I don't think the texture will be quite right. You can't mess with memory.


  1. Does Vince like melk tert? It also uses cornstarch in combination with eggs and milk.

  2. "you can't mess with memory."

    Could be a book in this. Somewhere.

  3. I never knew flan had cornstarch...please do post when you've finished tweaking.

  4. but i have complete confidence you can help frenchie make a new peerless food memory.

  5. There are two things I know for sure. There is no difference between good flan and bad flan, and we are not at war with Albania.



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