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About my Walks

I lead plant walks in the urban and wild green spaces that surround us. Wherever we happen to be.

On walks we learn about two broad groups of plants: edible "weeds" - plants  that are invasive to the region, and native plants that could, and should, define an authentic regional cuisine. There is nothing more exciting than meeting new flavors, and learning how to use them.

While edible plants are the focus on walks, all plants are part of our mobile discussion. My hope is to help tune your senses to all the botanical and natural details beneath our feet and above our heads, so that we view the place where we live with new eyes.

Every season - every month - offers a unique opportunity to learn more about nature, especially in places where we do not expect to find it. These experiences offer us an immersive opportunity to breathe out, and relax. If we pay attention. Call it forage bathing.

We discuss the do's and don't's of foraging, urban and rural pollution issues, sustainability, the relationship between invasive plants and natives, biodiversity, and the real problems of commercial over-harvest of native wild plants (like ramps, or the latest big thing on social media), all tying in to my approach of conservation foraging. We learn about what parts of plants are safe to eat, and why. And we talk about culinary ideas and techniques for unfamiliar ingredients.

The walks end with a shared, wild-inspired tasting picnic featuring seasonal ingredients.

I keep groups small, personal, and low-impact. It is not unusual for new friendships to be forged over the course of a walk.

Walks require a moderate fitness level and the ability to walk one-to-three miles in two hours. If you need to move more slowly we can arrange a walk for your needs, and wheelchair-friendly walks are also available by prior arrangement.

Ways to Walk and Talk

Public Walks - Walks are listed on this page seasonally, below.
Private Walks - For friends, kitchen crews, corporate teams, conservancies.
Gift Walks - Give a wild foods walk with picnic as a gift.
Plant Identification and Education - I assess your land or garden.
Talks, Classes, Consultation - Talks, tastings, mixology and menu creation, specialising in wild and unfamiliar flavors.

Walk Perks

Frequent Walker Miles - for every five walks you book, the sixth is free.

Cancellation Policy 

Refunds are at my discretion.
Credit is issued for cancellations up to three days before a walk.
For cancellations after three days you are welcome to send a guest in your place.
Bad-weather cancellations mean credit towards any future walk.

Winter Walk Schedule 

New Year's Walk
Prospect Park
1 January 2020
12pm - 2pm

What a wet December! It has yielded wood ears and oyster mushrooms, and the field garlic is looking fine.

Join me on January 1st to greet the new year with an invigorating walk up hill, down dale, through the Brooklyn woods, and ending with a celebratory forage picnic featuring hot soup (mushroom, of course), hot toddies (sweetfern bourbon, spicebush and apple cider), fresh biscuits (mugwort), and a spicebush chocolate roulade.

On our walk we will identify the edible plants that defy the cold and are delicious now (field garlic) and those that are in disguise, ready to gather in the spring (so much pokeweed). And we will  meet some sturdy botanicals (like spicebush) whose flavors transcend freezing temperatures.

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