66 Square Feet (the Food) was created as repository for my recipes, before I wrote books stuffed with recipes! (It is a spinoff from my main blog, 66 Square Feet (Plus), whose focus is story telling.) I still post sporadically on both - they are not weaponised with ads, and are a throwback to a more innocent social media time.

Please visit the main blog for posts about New York and its seasons, about gardens and gardening, foraging, and many things botanical and urban.

Not excluding cocktails.

For daily posts, find me on Instagram @marie_viljoen

If you'd like the real breadth and depth of my work with food and wild or seasonal ingredients, become acquainted with my books: 66 Square Feet - A Delicious Life (Stewart, Tabori and Chang; 2013), and Forage, Harvest, Feast - A Wild-Inspired Cuisine (Chelsea Green Books, 2018).