I write and shoot for print and digital media, at home and abroad.

In terms of subject matter, I favor all things botanical, as well as food, drink, and, sometimes, people.

Edible Brooklyn and Edible Manhattan:

3 Summer Greens

Get Pickled

The Story Behind the Shot

How Fermentation Saved One Woman's Stomach

Watercress, Watercress, Everywhere

Summer, Stoppered

66 Square Feet

Cocktails that Grow on Trees

Green Again

Your Urban Fall Crop Plan 

Delicacies Among the Leaf Litter

Burdock, the Vegetable in Plain Sight

Cherry Picker; Tasting Summer in Winter

Autumn Olives All Around

A Tale of Two Pigweeds

If you Can't Beat 'Em, Eat 'Em

Knotweed, Noxious but Nice

Seasonal Eater - Apples

Meals that Grow on Trees

Sipping through Winter

Summer Savory

Pigweed - Good Eating

May Apples - A Cautionary Tale

Bayberry - our Most Local Herb



Garden Ideas to Steal from South Africa

Garden Ideas to Steal from New York

Oystercatcher's Haven - Whitewashed Hideaway

Preview - NYBG Orchid Show

Citizen Farmers: A Visit to Cape Town's Oranjezicht City Farm.

Under the Radar: A Five Star Garden in Cape Town

Garden Visit: 66 Square Feet (Plus) on a Harlem Terrace

Garden to Table: Spiced Squash for Two

Garden to Table: Fall Fennel Recipes

Shisito Cocktail: October in a Glass

Garden to Table: Spicy Spinach

Tiny Gardens: Alpine Strawberries

Beautiful Bones: Vergelegen Winery

Garden Visit: My Mother's Garden in South Africa

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