Sunday, November 25, 2012

Goose pancakes

So, there were bowls of goose broth udon noodles (above), made with the leftover Thanksgiving goose. Then there were oeufs en meurette with a reduction of the goose broth stirred into a Bordelaise sauce.

Tonight there will be potatoes roasted in the saved goose fat (and nothing else but a bright green salad spiked with raw garlic and mustard vinaigrette, for appearances' sake).

But what about these?

In Bevan's words:

You boil (ideally) a goose. You make pancakes. 

Remove the goose flesh and make layers of it with the pancakes in a pot that fits them neatly. 

Pour a cup of goose fat over them and fill the rest with stock. Cook on a very low light for two hours. Turn out and cut like a cake. Also from Middle Asia. You can make these when you are back in the cold.

Well, I am back in the cold (these instructions have been lurking in gmail forever, and were sent to me in a  South African summer), and I'm not sure I could myself to do this. In South Africa, the consequences would be described as 'n gal aanval.

Bilous attack.

One day?

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