Monday, March 3, 2014

Not another Margarita

...because one forgets. This can be a very, very good drink.

Margaritas are mostly a cold weather cocktail, for me. Perhaps it's the sour citrus, a sub-tropical winter fruit. Perhaps it's because I know that if you sat me outside in August and plied me with these things I'd never want to stand up again.

We are in a new neighbourhood, so we buy new Tequila. In this case, Puerta Negra Reposado (pale gold and "rested" after two months in oak) from the Eritrean liquor store on Lenox. The Cointreau in the Tiffany's decanter moved with us from Brooklyn.

And the lemmings (squeal, squeal! as you squeeze them), are from Fine Fare, also on Lenox. Organic - a good surprise.

So there it all is. You could use Triple Sec. Less expensive. But since we drink these infrequently, the Cointreau is a good investment. You could use other Tequila. Don't ever, ever use sour mix.

My mind changes often regarding the ratio of liquors and juice. Every time I seem to state with utter authority that THIS is it. All I can say is that it has seemed so, at the time: mostly Tequila (this was a dangerous summer iteration, on Fire Island), equal parts (last February), or as follows, the more moderate version, as drunk recently:

3 parts Tequila
2 parts Cointreau
1 part lemon or lime juice

Shake up. Pour into coupes. I rubbed ours with lemon and dipped the edges in salt. I always regret that, vaguely.

Awfully good with spicy, long-cooked Cinco de Mayo pig. But for that we will have to wait.

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