Monday, June 28, 2010


There is no easier recipe: the orginal comes from the 2009 go! magazine camping booklet.

500 grams self-raising flour
340 ml (1 can) of beer or 340 ml Longlife or ordinary milk (I prefer the milk if the bread is for breakfast!)
Large pinch of salt

Mix the liquid into the flour and salt until you have firmish dough. Knead it once or twice to form a nice ball. Put it into a greased flat bottomed potjie (cast iron pot with lid) - or similar. Make sure it really is cast iron. I destroyed my mother's pot on my first attempt. It cracked and the lid handle melted!

I surround the potjie with glowing coals (usually after I have cooked the other braai ingredients liek crayfish in one case, or chops, in another), and I put more coals on the lid of the potjie, to mimic an oven's heat. After about 45 minutes I peek inside. The bread should have a golden crust and sound hollow when tapped.

It's ready. Remove, wrap in cloth, and when cool you can wrap it in plastic or foil. If you still use such things (I do).

Potbrood in the Kgalagadi, 2009.

Naturally this bread is at its most delicious when warm, though the next day it is good, too, if firm. Any later than that and it could be used as cultural weapon or wheel chock.


  1. Thanks!! With the coals on the lid, I see what you mean about heat from above. I guess one could adapt for an oven, but not for a stovetop, obviously.

  2. Marie, ek is besig om kampresepte van die huis te kyk, maar ek kry so heimwee ek moet nou eers ophou. Baie dankie, ek gaan defnitief hierdie een probeer.

    Adele @ Willworkforbiltong


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