Thursday, March 28, 2013

Watercress and orange salad

I love citrus with peppery watercress. The sweet, tart and hot are perfect, together.

For two:

1 Orange (or grapefruit), supremed
Sugar and salt - pinches
1 Small bunch watercress, rinsed and spin-dried (gather in a clean towel, and windmill outdoors)
1 teaspoon freshly sliced hot red chile
A slurp of walnut oil
1 squeeze lemon juice

Peel an orange (or grapefruit) and remove all its pith, then supreme it by slicing each segment free of its membranes. Arrange the pieces on a plate in heap. Season with salt and pepper. Top the orange with a handful of nice, dry watercress (wet leaves make for insipid dressings). Scatter the chiles across the top. Drizzle with oil and season with salt and pinch of sugar. Add pepper,  and finish with the squeeze of lemon.

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  1. mmmm! I love things like this for my "home alone" times.


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