Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fried Cornish hen

The last time I deep-fried a Cornish hen I ate it so fast that there were few good pictures. I think I gnawed on the camera a little, too.

The premise is simple: buttermilk bath in the fridge for as long as you and the chicken can stand it. Then dredging it in seasoned flour, pressing the flour against the skin with your fingers; and stuffing the cavity with your favourite herb. This time I used a LOT of summer savoury, and it perfumed all the tender meat of the little bird. It cooked for 20 minutes a side, the oil reaching not quite half way up. I turned the oil down from furious to meaningful as soon as it had reached an even bubbling, as I did not want to scorch the batter without cooking the meat inside.

Again, the gremolata of finely chopped Italian parsley from the terrace and Black swallowtail eggs (...) and lemon zest, made the world of difference. I did not add garlic as I thought that would be too strong.

More detail here.

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