Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Green sauce

The herbs on my terrace are on the edges, where they receive the benefit of full sun. So, strictly speaking, they expand the 66 square feet on the terrace floor by about another 14 square feet.

The count so far:

Purple basil, Thai basil, Greek basil (on the terrace proper), sage - common and purple, calamintha, hyssop, chives, Italian parsley, summer savoury, catnip, mint (growing in the gravel on the floor), thyme, common and lemon, bronze fennel, oregano, tarragon.

That's lot of different menus to choose from.

Simple, raw green sauce for tuna steaks/chicken paillard/boiled potatoes:

These herbs: purple and Thai basil, a little tarragon, Italian parsley, a garlic clove, some lime zest, a lime's juice, half a cup of EV olive oil, salt, sugar and pepper. Dissolve the salt and a little sugar in the lime juice. Add zest. Chop the herbs and garlic very finely. Add to juice, pour olive oil over and mix thoroughly. It's ready.

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