Saturday, May 22, 2010


The amazing, fluctuating mangoes:

At the New Green Pea (whose orange awning actually says Atlantic Fruit and Vegetable), and where I shop almost every day, something interesting has been happening to the mangoes. they are making like yo-yos.

I like mangoes, especially these curved ones. They are perfect for dessert, and I've even served them at dinner parties, after something rich as a main course; a fruit, a knife and pretty plate, and a bowl of warm water. If you want to be less blunt, cut them up into a pretty bowl and squeeze some lime juice and sprinkle a little brown sugar over them.

The cat likes them, too, and will beg for pieces. And I don't like paying over dollar for one, so when the price dropped just below the other day, I took notice, and bought six.

Then they dropped to 69c! This is unusual. But I still had some at home and thought I'd come back in few days.

But look! After day or two they'd doubled.

I noticed a dozen boxes of greenish mangoes in the back, so I'm pretty sure we're going to see another drop when those all ripen at once. And then I will swoop.

Update: so today they were down to 89c and I swooped. But the boxes of green ones are priced at $1.49 each, and come from Haiti. I'm surprised anything is coming from Haiti at the moment.

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  1. Yes, I'm also surprised, but would happily buy those mangos if it can help poor Haiti.


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