Sunday, August 11, 2013

Goose with udon noodles and shiitakes

This makes a powerful, unforgettable soup.

1 leftover roasted goose (or duck) + 2 heads garlic + handful of terrace parsley + 2 Tbsp tomato paste + 3 bay leaves + 20 peppercorns

+ 2 cups white wine + water to cover

=  basic stock.

(Simmer for 2 hours, then strain.)

Reduce at a gentle boil by 1/3.

Pour off one cup of broth into a saucepan:

Add 3 Tbsps miso + 1/3 cup bonito flakes + 2 strips kombu (kelp).


Cook udon noodles in remaining, boiling goose stock.

Meanhwhile cook 2 cups sliced shiitakes with 1 Tbsp soy, 1 lime's juice and 1/4 cup goose stock, till tender. Add 1 Tbsp Hoisin sauce.

Add strained miso/broth mixture to mushrooms.

Cut leftover goose meat into slivers.

Chop leftover collard greens (1 cup). Or cook from scratch (1 hour)

Add collards and meat to mushrooms, cover, and keep warm.

Lift cooked noodles into bowls. 

Add two ladlefuls of hot broth to each bowl.

Top with goose, shiitakes and collards.

Pour any leftover miso mixture over noodles.

Top with raw, sliced scallions.

Permission to slurp, granted,

[Save the stock in which the noodles cooked. It is liquid gold. Freeze.]

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