Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tomato and bread salad

This is a wonderful summer salad. Make it at least an hour before you intend eating it, so the tomatoes' juices can soak into the bread..

You need:

Enough ripe, local tomato, chunked (about one medium tomato per person)
Yesterday's baguette or sourdough, in cubes or torn into pieces
Two kinds of basil from your terrace or garden or windowsill or market or CSA box or store or neighbour or...?
Good vinegar
Good olive oil
Salt, sugar, pepper

In the bottom of the bowl, put the bread, and top it with tomato (a good ratio is about one third bread to two thirds tomato). Shake some vinegar (I used sherry) over the top; sprinkle a little sugar, more salt, lots of pepper. Drizzle some oil. Set aside, covered, for an hour or so. Then tear up some basil leaves and toss over the top, and drizzle a little more oil.

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  1. My first bread salad was from Bevan... :)


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